Yesterday, Yahoo came under fire when it was announced that the personal information of at least 500 million users was stolen in 2014. The hack is quite possibly the largest security breach of all time. It has left many feeling vulnerable and wondering how secure their data really is in the cloud.   

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Who are the hackers are what information did they steal?

The hackers stole personal information including names, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, and security questions. Referred to as “state-sponsored,” that means that the hackers are likely a foreign country using its military or intelligence services to break into Yahoo’s systems.

How can I keep my personal information and data safe?

Fear not, there are ways to protect yourself from hackers. Create unique passwords; steer clear of generic options like “password” or “123456”. Never share your password and change it often. Additionally, use different passwords for different sites.    

With cloud-based storage gaining prominence, and more and more businesses opting to go digital, it’s important to understand potential risks so you can mitigate them before they become a problem. As a business owner, do your homework when selecting a third-party cloud-based storage provider and understand the security measures you need in place. Ask the right questions before making the commitment. Understand where your data is being stored and what the data laws are for your specific industry and province.  

Stay secure when going digital with Docmaster

At Docmaster, we make going digital easy for you and your business. On top of our seamless onboarding, we are one of the most secure, user-friendly and affordable cloud storage platforms in Canada. Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us and our team of data specialists are trained to do just that – keep your documents safe in the cloud.

By selecting Docmaster as your cloud storage provider, you can put your concerns of data residency to rest; your data is guaranteed to live on Canadian soil. Docmaster’s bank-grade security and encryption means that you will never lose your data or have it fall into the wrong hands.

Don’t let Yahoo’s breach deter you from using cloud-based data storage. Let us help educate you on cybersecurity and data laws. As we noted earlier, by doing your homework and asking the right questions, you will ensure your information stays secure in the cloud. This will give you peace of mind so you can focus on your main priorities and your business’s bottom line.

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Docmaster offers secure, cloud-based document management and storage for businesses in Canada. Docmaster makes working, storing and managing your business in the cloud safe, secure and easy. Your privacy guaranteed, so you can focus on what matters most – serving the needs of your clients. Interested in learning more? Email to find a solution for your document management needs.

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