With summer vacations winding down and fall steadily approaching, the days may feel like they’re getting shorter in more ways than one. As your to-do list returns to max capacity, now is a great time to look at ways to improve efficiency in your office.

To help you maximize productivity, we wanted to share with you our five tips to keep your office efficient this fall.

1. Leverage technology to get the job done

Technology is designed to make our lives easier – both in and out of the office. In today’s business environment, most companies aren’t operating solely between the hours of 9-to-5.

Equipping your employees with the technology they need to work remotely can strengthen their productivity. Plus, it will quicken their response-time when it comes to important requests from both clients and colleagues. The capability to work from anywhere, at any time, is a favourable option to many employees and employers alike; as long as work-life balance is respected!

2. Consider how you communicate

Inundated with emails? Feeling like you’ll never get to the bottom of your inbox? You’re not alone. A McKinsey Global Institute report indicated that on average, an employee spends nearly 30% of his or her time reading and responding to emails.

While collaboration is a critical part of any business environment, important information can be missed in a long chain of emails. To make sure you aren’t missing out on critical information, implement a communication system that allows real-time conversation and tracking so you never have to feel bogged down by emails again.

3. Get organized

Don’t let a cluttered desk clutter your mind! Getting your surroundings in order will help boost your productivity so you can focus on the important things on your to-do list. Speaking of to-do lists, be sure to keep yours up-to-date and make note of daily and weekly goals. By prioritizing your tasks, you will be crossing things off your list in no time!

Schedule a period of time at the end of each day to check your email, update your to-do list and ensure your documents are properly filed. This will set you up to hit the grounding running the next morning and lay the foundation for a more productive day.

Professional at work. Top view ofman working on laptop while sitting at his working place

4. Begin to switch to a more paperless office

Today’s businesses probably can’t go completely paperless, but did you know a typical employee spends 30-40% of his or her time searching emails, hard drives and filing cabinets for documents? Not to mention the time spent printing, retrieving, and filing a document is approximately nine minutes. According to The Paperless Project, the average document is printed five times; that’s the better part of an hour wasted on one document!  

Wouldn’t it be so much easier and quicker if you eliminated the need to print and file paper documents?

Which brings us to our last point…

5. Implement a web-based document management and storage system

What’s the good in having a paperless office if you don’t have the means to support it? Save time and money by storing your files in a secure, web-based document management platform.

Docmaster will be a key tool in improving your team’s efficiency so you can focus on your business’s bottom line. Cut back on the time spent searching for and retrieving files, increase your collaboration, and improve your team’s efficiency with Docmaster. Docmaster’s web-based document management platform securely stores all of your important files in the cloud, giving you the ability to securely access them anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection.

To learn more about how we can transform your office into a digitally efficient powerhouse, email info@docmaster.ca.

Docmaster offers secure, cloud-based document management and storage for businesses in Canada. Docmaster makes working, storing and managing your business in the cloud safe, secure and easy. Your privacy guaranteed, so you can focus on what matters most – serving the needs of your clients. Interested in learning more? Email info@docmaster.ca to find a solution for your document management needs.

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